Great Plugins for Any WordPress Site

Plugins add functionality to WordPress. Sometimes you might be expanding the ability of a particular feature, while others are adding brand new features to the platform itself. At American Creative Consulting, we carefully select advanced plugins for every site, keeping in mind security, development, and cost.


The paid pro version of this visual builder plugin is what we recommend for every site, however, there is a free version available in the WordPress plugin directory. This will give you the basic elements for building your site pages quickly and easily. 


To deliver your site fast with excellent server caching, you’ll want to use Nitropack. Though setup may need some tweaks, you’ll see an excellent return from Google Page Speed results.

All-in-One WP Migration

This is a great tool for running simple backups of your site and even better for migrating your site to a different server.  We’ll utilize this plugin when developing your new site on a staging environment. 

IP2Location Country Blocker

Security comes in all shapes and sizes, but if you’re running a domestic company, you probably don’t need to have people (or bots) accessing your site from other countries, like Russia or Ukraine. Most bot attacks originate in these countries and this plugin can make it easy for you to blackllist traffic.

Pretty Links

This plugin comes in handy if you’re sending visitor traffic away from your site – for example, if you have third-party ticket sales or social media links. You can create custom URLs using your own domain and have them redirect to the original, less attractive link. 

This list of plugins is ever-changing, check back for more.  Contact us now to have a FREE AUDIT of your current site!